Jurguens Montenegro

Jurguens Montenegro is Making his Dreams Become Reality

Chosen best young player of the Clausura tournament 2020 in Costa Rica

Jurguens Montenegro

Just seven years ago, playing matches on the beach in his native Puntarenas along the central Pacific coast of Costa Rica were part of the daily life of the teenager Jurguens Montenegro. He enjoyed those games, celebrating each goal as if they were world cup winners. At the age of 12 he already knew what he wanted for himself and, more importantly, what he wanted for his family.

“I love playing soccer, it makes me very happy, but it is also a way to help my family. My mom who has always been supporting me and my dad who, despite being an alcoholic, has helped me, as well. I’ve learned how bad decisions can have very serious consequences. That is why I fight every day to keep improving and to keep moving forward,” he says with a smile.

Montenegro left his home when he was 16 years old to move to the province of Alajuela to play for the academy teams of the Liga Deportiva Alajuelense, one of the most emblematic teams in Costa Rica. It was a difficult decision but one he didn’t hesitate to make: “Leaving home at 16, leaving the family and above all being far away from my mom was very complicated, but I knew it was the only way that I could get ahead and help them. It was also good preparation for playing outside of  the country, which I hope to do one day. It has been three years of training and preparation off the field, as well. Marvin Vega, Director of the Alajuelense academy, received me at his home when I came from Puntarenas. He has been fundamental in my development,” says a grateful Jurguens.

After months of preparation and training, on November 11, 2017, Montenegro made his debut with the red and black first team at age 16, in a game against Municipal Liberia. After that, he made several more appearances before in 2018 scoring his first two goals against the University of Costa Rica and Limón FC.

Those two goals confirmed to Montenegro that the decision to be a footballer had been the correct one, and, together with his agent Juan Vicente Carvajal, they looked at the options to continue growing, which led to making a great decision in 2019: going out on loan first to Cartaginés and then to Jicaral: “Playing in Alajuelense, one of the largest teams in Costa Rica, was incredible. Now it is up to me and with God’s help to establish myself. The year I first went on loan to Cartaginés and then to Jicaral allowed me to mature a lot, to grow as a footballer – it was my own decision to mature, to grow,” explains Jurguens.

 The young striker scored 11 goals during the past year, but also developed some of his main qualities, such as speed and strength which turn into power when he is in front of the opponent’s goal. Jurguens is a player who scores with both feet and head, and, although his natural position is center forward, he also performs very well as a left winger.

Recently, Montenegro received the award for Best U20 Player of the Clausura Tournament 2020, something that gives him a lot of joy and motivates him to climb one more step in his career. “Winning an individual award is always a dream for every footballer. I have to thank God because he rewarded me with this recognition, as well as my colleagues and so many people who have supported me in the most difficult moments.”

“I dream of playing abroad one day, in whichever country God wants and has for me. If I keep improving I will also be able to help my family, my mother who is and always has been there for me and my father who, despite his own struggles, has always supported me and taught me many things. It is my dream to be able to help them to have better lives.”

Jurguens Montenegro’s career has been linked to people he considers to have become his family, who have helped him make his dreams a reality: “Juan Vicente has always looked after me – checking in after each game, on important occasions in my life… He advises and guides me, he is one of the people that I must thank. He is a man who has always kept his word and is not only my agent, but much more. I am very happy that Agrinzonis is my agency because it feels like family,” he concluded with the same smile with which he started the conversation.