Agrinzonis Management Group was founded by individuals who have lived the game of soccer at every level, understand what you are going through and are passionate about helping you get the most out of your career.

Our philosophy is to represent every one of our clients as if they were family

Agrinzonis Management Group (AMG) is the result of a unique combination of individuals coming together with the goal of creating a different type of player agency, one that has taking care of you at the center.

Each of the organization’s principles have charted slightly different courses in the game – from coaching and physical training to club direction and player representation. Through all of these experiences we have shared both a deep love for the game of soccer and a desire to build a world-class soccer organization that puts athletes first.

As our careers evolved and relationships deepened, we saw an opportunity together to bring to life the type of player-focused soccer organization we envisaged.

As parents, coaches, scouts and club directors, we have lived the ups and downs of youth, college and professional soccer, and can personally relate to the challenges that you are facing, as well as your wants, needs and desires.

While working all over the world, we focus primarily on North, Central and South America. Each of our principles has a Latin connection, speaks Spanish or language other than English and has extensive experiences in these markets and cultures.

We feel confident that, when working with us, you will sense the difference that our player focus and unique personal attributes provide, which is embodied in the motto of our organization and that we live by: Inspiring Excellence. 

Meet The Agrinzonis Management Group Team

Massoud Roushandel


Massoud is president and managing partner of AMG. Initially becoming one of the most successful youth soccer coaches and club directors in the United States, Massoud turned to player development as head coach/owner-operator of two different PDL teams.

From there he transitioned into player management and representation, spending the past 15 years developing into a seasoned player agent with an eye for talent and a keen set of negotiating skills. This period has seen him place players in top leagues across the world, as he spent time as the director of business development for the USL and working with some major agencies such as Wasserman Media Group (WMG) and Beswicks Sports.

Juan Vicente Carvajal

Managing Director, Central America

Juan Vicente Carvajal is managing director of the Central America region and also a managing partner. As a board-certified attorney in Costa Rica, Juan has been representing players for over 7 years and has established himself as one of the most respected agents in Central America. From 2009 to 2012, he was on the board of directors at Liga Deportiva Alajuelense, one of the largest clubs in Costa Rica and the country’s second most successful of all time in terms of titles. In 2014, he brokered the most expensive transfer of a defender in MLS history with the move of Giancarlo González from Columbus Crew to Palermo in Serie A. All of his clients boast about the fact that Juan has not only done a tremendous job for them, but that they also view him as a friend and mentor. Juan is fluent in both Spanish and English.

Darío Sala

Director of Soccer Operations

Darío Sala is director of soccer operations. His focus is on the South American market where he is very well connected, having spent time there both as a player and a coach. Prior to joining the group, he was part of Gerardo “Tata” Martino’s coaching staff at both Atlanta United and the Argentina national team. Previously, Sala was also co-founder and manager of several soccer clubs. He is an accomplished former professional soccer player whose career spanned 18 years in five countries. He was named Most Valuable Player in Argentina’s professional league, and has participated in more than 30 international matches and 500 official games. Darío now enjoys fulfilling a mission, which is to “promote soccer at all levels”. Aside from his professional work, Mr. Sala also runs mentoring programs and volunteers regularly.

Patricio "Pachi" Lombilla

Managing Director, Argentina & Uruguay

Patricio “Pachi” Lombilla is managing director for Argentina and Uruguay for AMG. He is a certified public accountant (CPA) with a strong background in finance and accounting. Over the course of his 15+ years in player representation and management, Pachi has worked with some of the top soccer players in the world. He currently counts top Argentine midfielder Manuel Lanzini, who plays for West Ham United, as one of his clients. Viewing financial and lifestyle issues as key determinants to the long-term success of a player, he puts a lot of emphasis on helping his clients manage these areas.

Pachi has a degree in accounting and economic sciences from the University of Belgrano in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He is fluent in both Spanish and English.

Ioan "Lita" Dumitru

Managing Director, Romania

There are not many people that know Romanian Soccer the way Lita Dumitru does.  As an accomplished soccer professional with over 20 years of coaching experience at the International level and over 20 years of high level playing experience, Dumitru brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to Agrinzonis Management Group and will serve as the managing director of our operations in Romania.

As a player, he is capped 57 times with Romania including representing his country in the 1970 FIFA World Cup. During his storied playing and coaching career, he won several accolades including multiple domestic cups and titles in both roles. In his many appointments as a coach, he scouted, identified, and promoted a long list of Romanian players who have gone on to have great successes at the club and international level.

With an in depth knowledge of the Romanian market and relationships throughout all of Eastern Europe, Lita will identify and recruit Romanian players that have the potential to move to other parts of the world including USA/MLS, and will also assist in placing players into the Romania market in order to give them exposure and experience in European Soccer.

Gerardo Berodia

Managing Director, Spain

Gerardo is one of the pillars of the company in Europe and is renowned for his career as a professional footballer, having been one of the most talented players in the Real Madrid youth system during his time there. He was faced with adversity when a tumor in his ankle unfortunately forced him to walk away from the game for a long period of time. 

Gerardo overcame this obstacle and returned to the field by relying on his natural sense of bravery, courage, and disciplined mentality. He eventually became a star with the Bolivian football league’s Club Deportivo Jorge Wilstermann, earning league MVP honors twice. 

While playing in Spain, he reached 7 separate playoff stages and won league promotions on four separate occasions. Additionally, becoming a European champion with Spain at the U-15 level, and world champion at the U-16 club level with Real Madrid. 

He then transitioned into the coaching side of football, earning level 1 and 2 coaching licenses. Gerardo utilizes his experience and knowledge on the pitch to help professional footballers, and aspiring professional footballers, strengthen areas of their game. Essentially developing emerging talents for the current and future generations of football.

With Agrinzonis, Gerardo will handle the day-to-day operations for the organization. Which includes managing current and future clients, maintaining connections with some of Spain’s top clubs, as well as expanding AMG’s presence within the region.

David Sierra Manzanares

Operations Manager, Spain

David is an industry professional known for his football I.Q., his ability to help players develop in all areas of the game and identify top quality talent. This skillset is a product of his extensive experience working with Real Madrid’s youth teams and within the CONCACAF association.

The combination of knowledge he acquired in Europe, Honduran, and Caribbean leagues helps him understand where a player needs to improve for them to reach their fullest potential. David’s ability to do so sets him apart from other professionals within the player development section of the industry.

David’s 14 years of experience in the administrative, technical, and managerial roles at the club level led him to create the D.S. Football Academy in Madrid. Helping a total of over 200 players from 50 plus countries develop various aspects of their game.

David will oversee Agrinzonis Management Group’s daily activities within the Spanish region, with the intent to help AMG reach our intermediate and long-term goals. 

Alberto Lozano Lominchar

Player Liaison & Scout, Spain

Alberto spent a vast majority of his career as a footballer with Real Madrid, having played for “Los Blancos” from the ages of 13-22 years old. He climbed his way through the youth teams and eventually joined Real Madrid Castilla under club legend Zinedine Zidane. After his tenure with the Spanish giants, he was a part of Rayo Vallecano, UB Conquense, Club Marino de Luanco, and CDA Navalcarnero in the second and third divisions of Spain.

In addition to his knowledge on the pitch, he earned coaching experience when he joined the technical staff of Spanish second division’s CD Izarra as an assistant coach. He also worked as a sports analyst for players such as Gonzalo Melero, Aleix Febas, Óscar Valentín, among others.

Alberto is a fundamental part of the overall development and career trajectory of our clients, helping them reach their fullest potential.

Carlos Rodriguez Caballero

Player Liaison & Scout, Spain

Carlos, a Madrid native and soccer enthusiast, launched his career in football when he debuted for Spanish third division side Villaverde at 17 years old. However, his keen eye for identifying talent led him to cross over into the scouting side of football.

In 2009, he joined Real Madrid as part of their talent recruitment department for six years, where he spent time scouting players across various international tournaments.

Carlos managed to grow his expertise by achieving a master’s degree in Recruitment/Detection of Professional Talent, and a master’s degree in Sports Nutrition.

In 2016, he joined the agency side where his efforts were geared toward the development and recruitment of professional players and advising them, and their family members, in matters pertaining to the player’s career trajectory.

With Agrinzonis, Carlos will collaborate in the recruitment and talent identification process within the region of Spain. As well as help our c clients strategically improve through his knowledge as a sports nutritionist.

Victor Martinez

Player Liaison & Scout, United States

Victor Martinez is a player liaison and scout for AMG. Currently, he is attending Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, Arizona. Where he will be graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Sports Management in the Spring of 2021. During his time at GCU, he interned for Phoenix Rising F.C. of the USL Championship during their 2019 and 2020 campaigns. While interning for them he was able to witness their infamous 20-game win streak in 2019, as well as their 2019 Regular Season Title and 2020 Western Conference Championship. Most importantly, he was able to gain insight on the day-to-day life of a professional footballer and experience the different mindsets players have at various stages in their career.

He intends to use these experiences to provide a trustworthy and relatable service to current, and future, AMG clients. While simultaneously helping them achieve their professional and personal goals throughout any stage of their career.

Rafael Angel Soto Fallas

Technical Support & Manager, Central America

With more than 15 years of experience in sports journalism, Rafa has obtained extensive knowledge within the football industry. His experience stems from his time working closely with different athletic federations of Costa Rica, his studies in Sports Management, a degree in Organizational Communication, and a coaching license.

Rafa’s diverse background led him to help create the women’s team for AD Carmelita in Costa Rica’s second division. He first joined the organization as the General Manager, eventually taking over as the team’s head coach. He also gained experience from his time as the Sporting Director of a third division team in Costa Rica. His experience in the various sectors of the football industry allowed him to have a comprehensive vision of what a footballer needs to succeed.

Rafa is a key member in the organization’s Central American division by assisting in the recruitment of talent, collaborating with other global divisions of AMG in the creation of social media content, and gathering videos of players.

Maynor René Sigüenza Hernández

Scout, Honduras

Maynor’s keen eye for detecting talent, his young age, and his incredible energy has established him as one of Honduras’ most promising scouts.

His skill and cunning desire to serve within the football industry makes him an important pillar of AMG’s Central American division.

Agrinzonis Sport

Gordana Covic

Director of Sports Science, Head of Sports Performance

Gordana Covic is a fitness and sports science expert with 23 years of experience as a specialist in athletic and fitness high-performance team sports training across a variety of sports. Working almost exclusively with male athletes and teams, she holds a wide range of sport and training qualifications. Over the course of her long career, she has helped her clients to both individual and team successes at the national and international levels. Gordana was previously both a professional handball player and a professional handball coach.

As director of sports science and head of sports performance at AMG, Gordana supports all of our clients worldwide through the development and implementation of training and physical therapy protocols to use in conjunction with the team training that they receive. She also works directly with many of our clients based in the United States. Additionally, Gordana manages all Agrinzonis operations and relationships in Germany.

She holds a Master of Arts in Sports Science from Heidelberg University and is fluent in German, Croatian and English. 

“I signed with AMG because I knew that Juan was someone that was going to help me grow as a professional and that, aside from being a good person, he always looks for good things for his players and provides good opportunities. My contract is running down and I don’t have to worry about looking for a team because they found some very good options for me.

Luis Diego Rivas