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Massoud Roushandel

Having spent most of his life being involved with the sport of soccer in the United States and abroad, Massoud has gained a deep knowledge of the game both nationally and globally. Involved in youth soccer in Atlanta, Georgia for over 20 years, Roushandel is considered one of the most successful youth coaches in Georgia soccer history and one of the pioneers of personally developing and merging youth clubs in Atlanta to create better opportunities for greater numbers of elite players. He compiled an impressive list of accomplishments that includes placing hundreds of players in top college programs, youth national teams and into the professional ranks.

Massoud was also head coach/owner-operator of two different USL Premier Development league (PDL) teams in Georgia, and through those teams he developed several players that went on to play and are still playing for professional teams in Major League Soccer (MLS) and United Soccer Leagues (USL), including his own son.

After years of developing youth players, the natural progression for Massoud was to start helping players in their quest to reach professional status and negotiating their contracts. Thus, he transitioned into the world of player management and representation. Having watched and guided his own son through that journey, Massoud again possesses a unique perspective of what a player’s wants, and needs are from his agent.

“As an aspiring professional and even as a seasoned veteran, players are constantly riding a roller coaster of accomplishments and setbacks. I have had the unique opportunity to live that as a father for the last 15 years. Not a lot of agents can say that. And typically, the person that players rely on to help them through it all is their agent. Every player on every agency’s roster deserves to be treated with the same level of professionalism, care and priority level. This is the founding principle of our agency and will be the core basis of how we conduct business.”

Roushandel has spent the last 15 years abiding by this principle as he has developed into a seasoned player agent with an eye for talent and a keen set of negotiating skills. Massoud is a registered intermediary with the United States Soccer Federation, The Costa Rican Football Federation and the Spanish Football Federation. He has spent time as the director of business development for the USL and has worked with some major agencies such as Wasserman Media Group (WMG) and Beswicks Sports.

Massoud has helped identify, recruit and represent dozens of players for whom he’s helped negotiate contracts in MLS, the North American Soccer League (NASL), the USL and in various leagues across the world. With a major presence in Costa Rica and Central America in general, he along with his partner, Juan Vicente, have acquired and manage one of the largest rosters of players in the Americas. Massoud is also one of only a handful of American agents who is directly active in the Spanish market and has successfully placed numerous American players in Spain at various levels of clubs, including in La Liga.

Massoud is president and managing partner of Agrinzonis Management Group. The company is part of Agrinzonis Sport, LLC, which is heavily involved in other soccer-related business activities. With numerous offices around the world and an ever-expanding presence in our home market, the United States, Roushandel has his sights set on making sure AMG becomes one of the most successful and most respected player management agencies in the world.